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Since 2014, HireCulture has assisted thousands of entry-level professionals during their transition to the workforce. Additionally, the firm has educated and trained numerous employers on how to recruit and retain diverse talent. HireCulture specializes in helping Nashville businesses recruit and retain diverse seasoned professionals while training and developing young professionals for the workforce.


Our Services

HireCulture is a professional development firm that recruits for recruiters seeking experienced diverse talent, and support universities with training and developing young talent for the workforce.

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Our Community Impact

Our firm launched a non-profit organization, (NAFSP) The National Association for First-Generation Students and Professionals, to help First-Gen students land desired career opportunities

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Our Firm

HireCulture is a minority-owned business that has grown quickly since opening in 2014. We are a diversity-focused, inclusion-first Professional Development firm, with a dedicated practice serving diverse professionals transitioning to the business world.


We take the stress out of sourcing experience diverse talent and advocate for developing young talent.

— Chandria Harris, Principal


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HireCulture helps experience diverse professional land business professional roles in Nashville, TN. We are excited to support your new promotion. Find out about our happy clients below.