“In a society that has grown increasingly complex, the road to a solid career path has become far more difficult to navigate. If anyone can steer you toward your goals and dreams, Chandria Harris can not only do it, but can do it with the grace, elegance, and knowledge you must have to set off on the right foot. I have interviewed hundreds of candidates for a wide variety of careers and, believe me, if Chandria coached any of them, my job would have been so much simpler. Chandria’s voice is one that should be listened to and learned from before you take those first steps in what may well be the most important decision of your life”

— William Anthony former Director of Communications US Senator Gordon Humphrey and former Assistant Commissioner, Public Affairs US Customs and Border Protection

Happy Clients


Thank you for delivering an amazing presentation Chandria Harris, G.C.D.F., C.C.S.P.! Our young men truly enjoyed your energy and the knowledge you shared as they work to close the G.A.P. and develop skills necessary for their success.

— Marlteze Saffold, Tennessee State University

I was blessed with the opportunity to receive advice and guidance from Chandria, her insight on empowering, uplifting, and team building is second to none. I am putting the tools that she shared with me to use on a daily basis.

— Barry P. Candidate Hired in 3 months.

Chandria’s energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm about career development is contagious. We accepted her proposal to present at the 2018 MACE summer conference, and we were completely blown away by her youthful perspective to recruiting and retaining millennials. She empowered and inspired our career thought leaders and employers - we are still receiving great feedback from them! I highly recommend Chandria as a speaker. She has an amazing stage presence and overall knowledge of career development

— Whitney M. President of Mississippi ASSOCIATION of Colleges and Employers

I have worked with Chandria for years and can attest to her work. Whether it’s working with youth or young professionals she’s highly skilled and thorough in her field. A successful track record for achieving goals and her clients walk away feeling accomplished. Chandria has been a client of mine and I of hers and that says something. Relationship building is her strength and once it’s made there’s no breaking. I would recommend Chandria to anyone seeking help in the areas of career development, job seeking, and career advancement

— Darion B. Candidate Hired in 4 months.


Ms. Harris provided students who were involved in extracurricular activities at Norfolk State University an outspoken plethora of knowledge! She made sure to relate to the student body, as this is a tacit prerequisite for connecting with young adults. Her content focused on life during college, making the transitional phase, and living after graduation. The transitional phase for students is paramount to success because it is the big elephant in the room. Not everyone likes to talk about it, however, Ms. Harris made sure to expose this overlooked part of the career journey. Thank you Ms. Harris for coming to our HBCU

— Student, Norfolk STate University

After speaking with Chandria about my job situation, she showed me a perspective I never thought of. I was given tips on 'the real world,' realization on why a company really hires you & how to handle conflict in corporate America. I came in my job a cub, feeling broken & worthless because of the criticism I was getting daily but I left as a fearless lioness because of Chandria's wisdom. Now I know how to handle myself in any given situation

— Student, Bria J.

This presentation topic was so on-time and was filled with great ideas. Energetic presenter. This was a highly informational session! Learned a lot and I look forward to taking ideas back to my institution! Great job! Great energy, highly motivated and knowledgeable. Thank you so much! Great Job! Excellent presentation and great take aways. Great content. Ms. Harris did a great job of relating the issues faced by first generation students and relating those things back to ways of overcoming. Chandria did a wonderful job presenting. Presentation was very informative and provided a lot of great information that I can take back to implement at my university.

— SoACE REgional Conference Feedback 4.8/5.0